Seoul VC Connect is currently working with 10 information technology (IT) startups as part of Batch 2.

As part of the program, we helped the participating companies prepare to take part in the recently concluded Techcrunch Disrupt 2020. We are also assisting them to take part in the upcoming GSMA Thrive.

Both events transitioned to virtual this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seoul VC Connect is also supporting Batch 2’s fundraising and international partnering efforts through the rest of this year. We’ve arranged 34 meetings to date.

Additionally, seven Batch 2 startups — DOT, OSD, Hexlant, Perseus, Vueron, WizSchool and DamoGo — took part in a pitching event on September 15 with Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, New York’s oldest and largest accelerator program.

If you’re interested in learning more about the companies click on their name to download the 2-page overview of each one.

Let us briefly present our BATCH 2 startups:

  • DOTmakes Braille watches and Kindle-like smart devices for the visually impaired smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

  • NOTAprovides edge-device AI solutions, removing the need for server or cloud computing with low-priced compression, no network connectivity or privacy concerns.

  • Hexlant​ developed a one-stop blockchain-based development platform that enables creating blockchain use cases easily, focusing on usability, security, and uniformity through APIs.

  • DamoGois a mobile app solving the food waste problem for stores and farms by selling food at around half price to consumers.

  • Perseus’​ hypervisor simplifies in-car infrastructure for security and performance.

  • WizSchool​ is an edtech company, providing engaging environments where kids can learn how to code and to realize their imagination in fun and creative ways.

  • Fitrus​ from OneSoftDigm, a pocket-sized IoT solution, allows users to monitor seven biometric data types on their mobile app, to save money and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

  • LuCAS​ from Monitor Corporation is a Medical Image Diagnostic Assistant Software that helps radiologists to more efficiently read chest CT images.

  • IMB Dx created a minimally-invasive, more rapid and precise liquid biopsy method that requires only a single blood test for cancer diagnosis and information. 

  • Vueronis a LiDAR perception software provider for automotives for autonomous driving, IoT for smart cities, and SDK for R&D.


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